14 Best Vegetables

Have a look at the above vegetables and notice what they are high in.

When I sit down for the first time with a client and examine their diet the same things always happen.

Me : “tell me what you ate yesterday”
Client : They say “ooh yesterday wasn’t a good day….”
Me : I say “tell me anyway”
They proceed to tell me and after a quick analysis there is usually a pattern.  And that’s fine. I’m not worried about that.  Personal Training is an education and time takes care of that.  Its when I answer the usual questions :

“How do I get more fibre?  More bread?”
“How do I get more calcium?  More dairy?”
“How do I get more anti oxidants for my immune system?  More vitamin C tablets?”
“How do I get more vitamins and minerals?  More powerade?”
“What’s a good detox?  Detox in a box?”

“fruit and vegetables” I say

This when the client starts looking at me like I have two heads.  And let me assure you, I may have been born in Queensland, but I do not, and have never had, two heads!  But its too simple.  People like complicated.  The simple stuff is there for a reason.


Calcium is probably the big one you were not expecting eh?.  How calcium and magnesium relate to each other is probably a post for another day but the simplest way to get your calcium scores up is through eating or supplementing with magnesium.   Send me a message for more details on getting your calcium scores up without eating dairy.

This is roughly what 5-6 cups of fruit and vegetables look like.  Do you eat all this?

Split up over 3-5 meals it’s not much per meal.  Here’s another visual aid :

Fruit and veggies, man.  Fruit and veggies is often the answer.

“How do anti oxidants work?”
“How do I speed up my fat loss”
“How do I speed up my strength gains”
“How do I stop my gums from bleeding when i brush my teeth”
“How do I bring out my hair and skins natural shine”
“How do I get more energy”
“How do I stop waking up at 3am”
“How do I poop more often”

Fruit and veggies, man.  Organic fruit and veggies…
See you in the gym!

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