personal trainer - Sydney  - Choosing A Protein Powder
By admin
26 Apr 2012
Choosing Protein Powders : EDITED April 2016 I often get asked:  “What is the best protein powder for me?”  Like all good questions in this industry the answer is: "It depends".... The Simple Answer To be honest, 90% of the time if you're not lactose intolerant I just suggest: “A
personal trainer - Sydney  - How Do Antioxidants Work?
By admin
03 Apr 2012
I’m amazed sometimes at how many adults tell me they don’t like vegetables!  Come on what are you 6?  But whyyyy they say?  "Cause you need anti oxidants to detox the body" I say.  "70% of what you eat is for detox purposes" I say.  But what are anti oxidants