personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Intolerance v Food Allergy
By admin
30 May 2012
The difference between a food allergy and food intolerance / sensitivity Food intolerance / sensitivity’s and food allergies are often at the heart of slow results in the fitness game.  Many people ask me why I don’t suggest eating gluten, milk and non organic food.  Food intolerance / sensitivity is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Pyramid
By admin
23 May 2012
When people ask me about the food pyramid i generally say " well if you want to end up looking like a pyramid, then eat like the pyramid!"  But that's not very helpful is it so here is an alternative food pyramid i found to sum things up in pictures.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Strong & Lean Assessment
By admin
21 May 2012
Strong & Lean Health and Fitness Assessment   If you're not assessing - you're just guessing! Everyone who comes to see me whether they become a Strong & Lean client or not starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  And it's totally free.  The reason being in order to
personal trainer - Sydney  - Front Foot Elevated Split Squats
By admin
17 May 2012
If you’ve trained with me you’d know I love me some split squats!!  And for some very good reasons too.  Talk about training the boo-tay! This exercise has so many benefits its like fish oil.  You should be devouring them. - First, due to the elevated foot position, it allows