personal trainer - Sydney  - Walk Like A Caveman
By admin
26 Jun 2012
I like to look at our evolutionary past for clues on how to eat and move in terms of what works best for the current day human.  When it comes to human nature, I often think: "Why would a caveman do that?"  Exercise, food, monogamy, showing off, getting sleepy after
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Do A Chin up
By admin
20 Jun 2012
How To Do A Chin Up Often a goal of my female clients is to be able to 1 chin up.  Seeing a woman bang out unassisted chin ups in the gym is one of the most impressive sights there is.  Not to mention the empowering effect it has on
personal trainer - Sydney  - Toxic People – The Saboteur
By admin
13 Jun 2012
Toxic People In order to achieve anything in life, especially fitness goals, you need to have a good support network.  It's only when you go through change do you realise who is truly there to support you. As a trainer, it's very interesting to watch people embark on strength and