personal trainer - Sydney  - Battle Ropes
By admin
31 Jan 2013
Battle Rope TrainingThis is a rope.  This will kick your ass!Here's the next instalment on different forms of cardio to beat the boredom.  I use these in my Personal Training sessions here at Bondi Junction but have used them extensively in the past with clients  and athletes.  Its just a
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Eat Healthily at Work
By admin
16 Jan 2013
Easily the hardest thing about making a body composition change and staying healthy is healthy eating whilst holding down a 9-5.  Or 8-6, or 7-7 as most people do. 1. Make it the Night Before This is the biggie.  This is the most important thing you will ever read.  This
personal trainer - Sydney  - STAIR SPRINTS
By admin
10 Jan 2013
I recently posted a easy way to do cardio if your stressed or beat up from all your weight training HERE.  Well here's a more intense cardio option for you for when you are fresh and full of energy.   Stair Sprints Stair Sprints are fast becoming one of my