personal trainer - Sydney  - The Tabata Method
By admin
31 Jul 2013
There's certain programs in the gym that half way through them, make you think you can see Jesus.  By the end of a few of them, he's actually asking you if its ok if he works in.  The Tabata method, when done properly, is one such program.  Want to know
personal trainer - Sydney  - Collapsing Knees
By admin
18 Jul 2013
Time is short today so im going to keep this simple.   This drives me mad when it is left unchecked.  You see the above alot in the gym when people squat, deadlift, you see it on single leg exercises like lunges (see below) and step ups too.  You also
personal trainer - Sydney  - Blood Testing
By admin
10 Jul 2013
Your blood doesn’t lie! We’ve all done it.  We’ve all gone to the GP whilst sick and had some routine blood tests run only to be told ‘everything’s normal”.  Is it though?  If everything from our fingerprints to our DNA are unique, why not our blood chemistry?  Well the truth
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Healthy Bodybuilder – Book Review
By admin
08 Jul 2013
Are you a bodybuilder or powerlifter?  Then there’s a good chance that you know you are competing in a sport that can be extreme if you want it to be.  If you are serious about these sports and are looking for success then its best to get serious about your