personal trainer - Sydney  - Why You SHOULD Take A Multivitamin
By admin
23 Nov 2017
Often you hear nutritionists and dieticians proclaim that multivitamins are not necessary if you eat your daily suggested serves of vegetables as you will get all the nutrients you need from real food. Well guess what? 96% of Australians DO NOT eat the recommended 5-6 serves of vegetables per day.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Organic Vegetables – Are They Worth It
By admin
21 Nov 2017
To go organic or not? When it comes to vegetables only 7% of Australians eat the suggested 5-6 serves per day. 93% DO NOT EAT ENOUGH VEGETABLES!! So to be honest, first and foremost any vegetable is a good vegetable! If however you are going to eat organic just remember
personal trainer - Sydney  - Forward Head Posture
By admin
13 Nov 2017
Forward Head Posture Headaches and neck pain whilst sitting at a desk is all too common.  Humans just weren't meant to sit for long periods of time. But, this is the world we live in so what can you do that is simple and easy and can help alleviate that