6 Week Challenge

6 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Fat loss and weightloss is best achieved through short intense bursts of concentrated effort.

Put yourself first. Now is the time to clear your schedule, get off the alcohol, get off the sugar, prioritise yourself for a short but intense 6 week period of health and fitness.  This is what I call short term blasting.

After a blast it's best to go back into a cruise phase to maintain your stronger and leaner physique.

The 6 Week Strong & Lean Fat Loss Challenge is designed to be the fastest yet smartest way to drop body fat based on my 15 years of personal training experience.   It's very easy to follow and it's all done for you.

Weight Training

Weight training is done a minimum of 3 times per week and a maximum of 4 times per week. Every week you get a new weight training plan designed to maximum fat loss and weightloss.  

I manipulate exercise order, sets, reps, tempo and rest periods in order to get the fastest results possible.  If you are training online oyu also get videos of each exercise to ensure you are performing them correctly. 

Weights Program Bondi

Aerobic Training

I include aerobic training THE SMART way.  For optimal fat loss you need some cardio but not too much.  Focusing on target heart ranges will ensure you don't aerobically train too hard and cause unneccessary food cravings and mood disruptions.

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This is a short term manipulation of your bodies natural processes to achieve the fastest fat loss possible.  The 6 week challenge has a 5 phase food plan that is specifically tailored to your individual lean body mass, bodyfat levels, activity levels and lifestyle.  You will be working closely with me to ensure we get these numbers right to guarantee a great fat loss result .

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If like a lot of people your diet has been less than stellar leading up to the challenge, supplements are suggested in order to flood the body with nutrients and maxmise your bodies fat burning potential. There are no gimmicky fat burners just solid nutrient supplementation to support the rigours of fat loss, weightloss, recovery, hormones and sleep.

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Training Options

You can train by yourself via my ONLINE TRAINING OPTION.  As long as you have access to weights that match your strength levels I will design a weight training program specific to your individual biomechanics, experience level and mobility.


You can train with me in person via my SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING OPTION and I'll be able to coach you through every lift you do.


Matt H

"After being on the mailing list for newsletters from Strong and Lean, I decided enough was enough and signed up for the 6 Week Challenge.

Beginning with an extensive phone interview with Brad (i live in Melb and was doing the online training option) I started the challenge and was pleased to receive numerous phone calls and emails with advice, motivation and support throughout the 6 weeks.

I lost 6.4kg and reduction of 15cm from my belly button measurement and im amazed at my new found energy and my self esteem has sky rocketed.

I have not only lost weight but I have been fortunate enough to learn alot about food, supplements and workout principles that sees me in a position to continue my weight loss journey and improve my health and well being.  I can't thank Brad enough"

Start Now!

Leave your name and number and I'll give you a call.  You can start whenever you are aready to make that big change. 


Online only - $35 per week for 6 weeks

Online + Supplements - $80 per week.

In Person Training  + Supplements - $140 per week  ( includes 3 x 1 hour training sessions every week for 6 weeks.  Subject to availability )

* individual results may vary

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