Be Ruthless

How Ruthless are you?

If you want to learn how to be successful, it’s best to study people who already are.  One thing that becomes obvious is how clear they are about their ideals and how ruthlessly they protect them.

Successful people are very clear about what they want and very clear about how they are going to go about getting them.  They do the little things every day, even though they don’t want to, that they know will bring them success in the long run.

Successful people will never compromise on their ideals.   They don’t let anything stand in their way of getting what they want and they heavily protect the things that mean something to them.

Unsuccessful people do compromise.  And they compromise for the slightest advantage or short-term gain.

Today I was tired as hell and I could have easily not trained.  But I’ve got a goal. And I needed to press 100kg 5 times, rest 10seconds, then press 80kg 5 times. I then needed to rest for 90secs, do 5 chin ups with 15kg of weight around my waist, rest for 10 seconds and then chin up 5 more times.  I had to do all of this 4 times in total plus 4 other exercises and some abs.  I could of compromised and had a siesta, but today is Thursday.  I train on Thursdays.  So I trained.
I promptly collapsed under a tree in the park and had one of those outdoor naps where you realize you’re snoring your ass off in public with your mouth wide open, tongue lashing your ear….but hey!  It’s Thursday.  I train on Thursdays.

If you’re pursuing a goal, be ruthless about it.

You need to not ever let that co-worker entice you to have some birthday cake ‘just because’.  Don’t let social convention dictate that you drink every time you go to a social function.   Don’t let toxic people remain in your life because you doing something about your health, makes them feel guilty about not doing anything about theirs.

If success with your chosen goal brings you happiness, and you’re doing it for the right reasons, then I see no problem with being ruthless about it in order to guarantee that happiness.  Why should you ever accept being unhappy?

Be ruthless.  Don’t be a dick, but be ruthless.

Stop saying yes to everything when deep down inside you don’t want to. That’s being ruthless.

Don’t be afraid to stay home on a Friday night because you have yoga on Saturday morning and you know it makes you feel good.  That’s being ruthless.

Don’t eat the birthday cake in the office because some unwritten rule somewhere says in order to appreciate this person you have to eat cake. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them.  It means you’re currently pursuing a physique goal, and out of respect for yourself, you are going to stick to the plan.  Is one brief awkward conversation worth what you want in life.  That’s being ruthless.

After a while the poeple around you will realise you don’t compromise.  Most will respect you.  Some will leave you.  New people will come along and want to be around you and your strength.

So be ruthless for your own sake.  You’ll thank yourself later

See you in the gym!

Brad Stocks
Personal Trainer
Bondi Junction

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