Cranky Shoulders

Sitting at a computer all day can make you cranky for more than one reason.  It can lead to a more kyphotic posture and a lot of shoulder injuries / dysfunction get exacerbated by this so here are a few easy tips for releasing your thoracic

The thoracic spine has direct interactions with the lumbar spine, rib cage, cervical spine, and scapulae; As a result, it has some very far-reaching effects. Unfortunately, most people are really stiff in this region (usually due to prolonged periods of time spent in a chair from the age of 5 )– and that means they wind up with poor core and scapular stability, altered rib positioning (which impacts respiration), and cervical spine dysfunction.

Fortunately, mobilizing this area can have some quick and profound benefits; I’ve seen shoulder internal rotation improve by as much as 20 degrees in a matter of 30 seconds simply by incorporating a basic thoracic spine mobility drill.

That said, not all thoracic spine mobility drills are created equal.  Here’s an easy and effective one:

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And here is a more integrated one which unfortunately will get a few suss looks from the other gym members!  But your shoulders will thank you.  If you’ve got a cranky shoulder, this more extreme shoulder position usually isn’t going to go over well so do the top one first:

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Do these mobilizations BEFORE you do weights, especially any horizontal or vertical pushing, and you’ll get more love from your shoulders in the long run.

See you in the gym!

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