Don’t Ever Tell People You’re On A Diet

Whenever I put a client on a specific dietary approach I tell them:  “Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you’re on a diet!”  In order to be qualified to speak on nutrition these days it seems the only prerequisite you need is to have eaten some food at some point in your life.

Everyone is a self appointed expert.

One of the hardest things about dieting is having to listen to every man and his dog’s opinion about what they think a good diet is, and why the one you’re doing is no good because waaa waaa waaa you’re doing something I don’t believe in.

These people are the saboteurs which I have blogged about before.  They spew their unsolicited opinion, not because they want to help you, or make you more successful, no, that would be constructive, they just want to be right.  They heard something that doesn’t echo their own belief systems.  This makes them feel uncomfortable and maybe, just maybe, they might be wrong.

Humans hate being wrong.  The hardest thing for humans to do is to admit they are wrong. Especially if they have spent considerable money, time and effort supposedly learning what is right.  So they attempt to correct the situation and make THEMSELVES feel better by telling you all the garbage reasons as to why you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

Its like religion, or politics, or sport..

It doesn’t matter.

If you shine a light on what you’re doing and it doesn’t echo other peoples beliefs, they will try and get YOU to change YOUR behavior to fit theirs and thus, make themselves feel better.

I get it.  It’s a human thing.  And to think this way is to be human.  Humans like to live in echo chambers.  They are drawn to sources that they find agreeable and in so doing bolster their beliefs.  Check out Facebook.  Nothing but echo chambers.

What’s an echo chamber?  Echo chambers describe certain areas of the media, particularly the internet, wherein information or beliefs are reinforced by repetitive transmission inside an enclosed virtual space.   Have a look at all the people on Facebook that congregate in groups and steadfastly believe information that is nonsensical.

Critical thought isn’t taught and it isn’t promoted so humans just look to ideas that support what they already know.  And its OK.  Everyone is on their own journey.  I’m on my own journey too.  But I’ll decide if you walk next to me or not.

What Should You Do?

So based on this very human nature to seek out echo chambers, it’s best not to tell people you’re on a diet.  The best approach is to just do it quietly…  Start getting results.  Have people notice your results..  Get even more noticeable results and THEN have them ask you: “Are you on a diet or something?”

Because when you reply yes I am, I am doing this, they can’t say it won’t work.  Because they’ve already seen that it works.

And if they start yapping out the side of their neck about their own beliefs and how what you’re doing is wrong, just quietly exit stage left and leave the annoying, self opinionated noise to itself.


Brad Stocks
Personal Trainer
Bondi Junction

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