What you should know about working with a personal trainer

Our Bondi Junction training studio in Sydney is a private gym. We run semi private personal training for people of all fitness levels who want to experience better health and fitness. No matter what level of fitness you are at, now is the best time to start. We’ll design a custom training plan just for you and with our semi private personal training you’ll get all the personal attention and motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.

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Whether you want some weight loss or fat loss advice, supplement advice or you just want to stay motivated and keep up with the world of personal training and fitness, we have blog posts for you.

How is semi private personal training different from large and small group training?

Most group training revolves around everyone doing the same workout.  The workout is usually on a television or a whiteboard and everyone regardless of individual needs or experience does the same workout.

I have maintained the individualisation of 1 on 1 personal training by assessing and writing a program for every single person involved in semi-private training. No two people have the same program because no two people are the same. Our semi private personal training gives you the individualisation of 1 on 1 training with the value of group training. Perfect!

  1. How big are the groups?

    There are never more than 2 other people being trained, so the maximum is 3.

  2. Do we all start at the same time?

    No. Semi private personal training allows individuals to start every 20 minutes on their own and complete a full 60-minute session. You come in and do your warm ups and activations and then your trainer takes you through your very own program. There are only 2 other people there who have started 20 and 40 minutes before you.

  3. Do you offer nutritional suggestions?

    Of course! I aim to take all the thinking out of all aspects of your program. Mobility, warm ups, activation, programming, aerobics, and recovery methods are all individualised.

    That includes nutritional suggestions based on what both you and I decide will work best for you. Nutrition is even more individualised than training and we respect that.

  4. Do I have to join the gym?

    No. There are no memberships, no lock in contracts. The days of lock in contracts in fitness is over.

  5. Do you get results?

    Visit our

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