Goal Setting For 2014

Goal Setting

Usually at the start of every year I post a blog about goal setting and getting the year set up to blast through plateaus and storm into the possibility of having everything you’ve ever wanted.

But before you do it : this year I want to add a caveat as sometimes, SOMETIMES setting these goals in health and fitness can actually be detrimental to your mental health! 

Think about this for a minute :  A lot of the time when people set goals they are basically saying “I wont be happy until I get to this magical point in the future.  I wont be happy until X happens”  This can be a very dangerous way to think.  It promotes thinking in the future and not living in the present moment.  The future doesn’t exist.  Only the hear and the right now exists.  Sometimes I see these goals get set and then the person basically resides themselves to being unhappy until  (insert goal here) happens.  It is possible to perfectly happy right here and right now.  So  what im saying is set your goals but please don’t put off your happiness because of a expectation that you have created…

So I want  to leave you with some quotes from my man Timber Hawkeye

“If we give ourselves very little credit for how far we’ve already come, we tend to give others little to no credit for their own efforts in life.  When we are impatient with ourselves, how can we possibly be forgiving of others?  As long as we continue judging ourselves when we look in the mirror, we’ll be doing the same to everyone else around us.

Wouldn’t it be great to stop, if only for a minute on a regular basis, and reflect on how wonderful everything really is?  Pause for a moment and honor the progress you have already made in your life, acknowledge the gifts you have, and appreciate life itself for a few breaths”

Enjoy the journey.  Enjoy every step.  And realise you can be perfectly happy in the here and the now.  Because that is all that exists…. Right here, right now

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