The Healthy Bodybuilder – Book Review

Are you a bodybuilder or powerlifter?  Then there’s a good chance that you know you are competing in a sport that can be extreme if you want it to be.  If you are serious about these sports and are looking for success then its best to get serious about your health as well.

Success in the extreme sport of bodybuilding does not involve extreme measures, it involves attention to detail and precise micromanagement of many factors. Health is one of these factors perhaps the most important. History shows us that most bodybuilders of the past, especially the most successful ones, were unusually healthy and lived long lives.

There is another side to bodybuilding that is common amongst todays amateurs and those that dabble in the sport; a reckless and careless side that has a disregard for health and a win at all costs attitude. Ironically, this attitude ultimately backfires on these bodybuilders as they find that health and longevity are required to be successful in the sport.

It is hard to find good information about how to balance your health and the demands of these sports from credible sources in the gym, so a lot of the time guys and girls can be a little careless.  Well, I have just finished reading the book The Healthy Bodybuilder by Shelby Starnes and Rob Taylor and its jam packed full of great information you can apply straight away to maintain your health on your journey in your chosen sport.

Here is a link to some information about Shelby and Rob

This isn’t a how to lift or what to eat book.  This revolves around blood testing and how to interpret those blood tests in order to remain strong and lean on the inside as well.

As you probably are aware I have been blood testing clients for quite some time now so this is becoming an area of expertise of mine so it was great to see some of this information being packaged nicely in the form of this ebook.

Shelby and Rob cover :

Cardiovascular Health – Hematocrit – Cholesterol – Heart Scans – Inflammation

Liver Health – Blood Tests – Result Interpretation – Protecting the Liver

Kidney Health – Water – Protein – Testing

Adrenal Health – Stress – Overtraining – Thyroid Health – Interpretation of Results

Digestive Health  – Protein Quality – Insulin Resistance – Transfats

Orthopedic Health – Tendinopathy – Joint Balance

This is a great resource for the serious bodybuilder or powerlifter and will give you some quality information on how to get a clearer picture from your blood tests.

If however your looking for information on optimal testosterone / estrogen / IGF-1 etc you won’t find it in this book.  Only a small critique from me in regards to this but considering how complicated those topics are I’m not surprised its not in there as there is so much other information to get your head around.

Check it out its only $19.95 USD and you can pick it up from here

See you in the gym


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