Migraines are not fully understood by the medical community but there are 2 distinct causes that can be addressed.

1) Mechanical –

Meaning a postural distortion or tightness in certain muscles of the shoulders and neck that pull on fascia, hitting trigger points and sending referred pain to the head.  Below is an example of a tight sternocleidomastoid and it’s referred pain sites

Restoring proper range of motion to this muscle via targeted massage and daily stretching can alleviate symptoms of migraine.  Different muscles of the neck however can produce different centres of pain in the head so it is important you get assessed by a qualified professional.  The greater the forward head posture (below) the greater the chance your migraine may be coming from tight or weak muscles

2) Food Sensitivity – Tyramine

Foods with high concentrations of Tyramine have been shown to cause migraines.  Simply removing these foods may alleviate symptoms of migraine.

• Aged cheese

• Aged or cured meats (e.g. Air-dried sausage)

• Any potentially spoiled meat, poultry, or fish

• Broad (fava) bean pods

• Marmite concentrated yeast extract

• Sauerkraut

• Soy sauce and soy bean condiments

• Tap beer

Wine is considered safe when consumed in moderation.

So if you suffer migraines and haven’t looked into posture or food sensitivity’s, give them a go and you might just get some love.

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2) Food Sensitivity – Tyramine

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