Do Multi Level Weight Loss Shakes Work?

I’ve got news for you. Your products don’t work the way you think they work.

You know the Facebook message or text when you get it.

They all start the same. A random message from a distant friend / colleague about how they’ve been thinking of you ( how sweet ) and that they have an AMAAAZEBALLS opportunity for you if you’re interested.

Uh Oh..

Here we go. Someone has just been to a multi level marketing event and has started brain storming who would like to be one of the first people to experience their next level pestering.

A quick reveal of the latest one I’ve been offered revealed the exact same blue print used by Herbal Life, Isagenix and Amway.

Synthetic supplement. Multi level marketing. Tonnes of testimonials. Huge community. Networking opportunity. Cookie cutter, done to death, nothing new to see here people – shikaka.

Sign me up. How do I become a distributor? What are the qualifications?

Qualifications Needed

  • The highest level of qualifications you need to become a distributor is that you have to at one some point in your life…..eaten food.
  • Ensure you have a full time job that has nothing to do with nutrition, supplementation, health and fitness let alone nutritional chemistry.
  • Be completely fooled by phrases at happy clapping sales events such as “independent research” “clinically tested” “nutritionally superior” and “unique formula”
  • Always mistake testimonials for evidence of efficacy.
  • Not know what efficacy means.
  • Be prepared to set up “distribution networks” among friends by being morphing into the biggest pest you’ve ever been under the disguise of #hustling and #financialfreeedom
  • Strive to become the unsolicited direct message champion on facebook
  • Ensure you sell more product to distributors than the general public so you qualify as a pyramid scheme.
  • Create an echo chamber on social media and block anyone who dares question the products claims or presents a counter opinion.
  • Use the phrases “but have you tried the products!””wonderful opportunity” – “stop trading time for money” and “experience financial freedom” to anyone with two ears and wandering gaze
  • And last but most importantly – ensure you have no idea what the term “mechanism by which results were achieved” means

But Do They Work?

Sometimes. But not why you think.

People DO lose weight on these weight loss programs because they are in a calorie deficit not because they are detoxing, or the unique formula put together in a cement mixer or because the product is superior to others on the market.

The majority of these weight loss products are meal replacement shakes that control calories.

Hang on – let me get this straight – you went from eating 2000 calories a day to 800 and you what? YOU LOST WEIGHT?? Amazing. I’m out of a gig.

And yes, these shakes do contain synthetic vitamins and minerals and a lot of the time, its more vitmamins and mineral than a lot of the participants who lost weight ever had in their shitty diet in the first place.

Of course their skin clears up,
Of course their hair gets shiny.
Of course they have more energy.

They consumed more nutrients. Thats what nutrients do!

People feel great and lose weight because they stopped using their mouth as a vacuum cleaner in the chocolate and chips isle of the supermarket, and finally ate something that resembled a nutrient!

If you drank 3 generic meal replacements a day you’d get the same results as evidenced here

Don’t Hate The Player Man

Look, do your thing homie. Expand your income buckets and make some money on the side, become a part of something, be involved, empower yourself to change your situation but please please please start to understand WHY things work. Understanding the mechanism by which something works is the key to getting results. Also understand the easiest person to fool is YOU and this sort of thing fools a lot of people unfamiliar with the supplement industry and unfamiliar with nutrition in any limited sense.

Now – about those exogenous ketones…

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