Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Are you tired of trying to come up with your own workouts and stay on top of the latest nutritional trends?

Are you trying to find the best online personal trainer near you to do it for you?

Welcome to Strong & Lean! Let me take all the hassle out of your workouts and design your training and nutrition program so you don't have to!

Online Personal Training is designed specifically for you no matter where you live or where you train. The online coaching experience will give you the next best thing to having your own one on one personal trainer.  

It's ideal for beginners just starting out in the gym who don't know the best place to start, anyone who currently trains in the gym and feels like they're not getting the most out of their membership and current program, or people looking to learn new and improved ways to train.

You'll get an individualised new health program updated every 3-4 weeks, full online support and motivation to drive towards your results, all for a fraction of the cost of having a one-on-one personal trainer.

Online Personal Training

all at your fingertips via my app

Online personal training
Online Personal training
online personal training

How Does Online Personal Training Work? 

Before you start, I will call you and conduct a full health and fitness assessment of your current training, your current nutritional plan, supplementation, movement patterns, lifestyle and what you're looking to achieve.

I'll then design an exercise program tailored specifically to you that includes

  • Nutrition plan to suit your personal preferences
  • Resistance Training Program designed for you Programs personalised to your individual strength, flexibility, mobility, age, injury history and biomechanics.
  • Cardio Program based on equipment you have at your disposal
  • Sleep Tips
  • Supplement Suggestions
  • Flexibility Program
  • Accountability Program
  • All Delivered via Strong & Lean App on your phone

Strength Training Program

strength training program

Program design is an art form.  In order to continue to get results you need to follow an intelligent plan that is structured to achieve specific milestones in order to progress from beginner to advanced. 

All my training is done in blocks of 3 to 4 weeks.  Each block of training has a specific goal and is part of a bigger 13 week block.  That 13 week block is then part of a 52 week block of training. This is all programmed in advance so there is a logical progression for your strength training.

All your favourite programs can be utilised so whether you're looking for beginner workouts,  advanced bench press workouts, bodybuilding style workouts or sports specific training, nothing is thrown in just for the hell of it.

Nutrition Plan

nutrition program personal trainer bondi

The best diet for you is the one you can stick to the most.  Consistency is the key to the body composition goals you want. We can simply focus on calories in and calories out, I can set you protein, carbs and fat macro's to hit your goals, or I can write out whole days of food plans for you to follow sos you don;t have to think about it or track in an app like myfitnesspal.

Aerobic Training

conditioning program personal trainer bondi

Aerobic training can be much more exciting than just 45 mins of cross trainer.  The better your aerobic base the better your strength training, the better your recovery and the better your ability to burn fat.  Yet most people neglect it.

Depending on what equipment you have access to I can program your aerobic work in the same way I program your trength training. In blocks of training designed to progress through different levels of ecxercie that gets you the best result possible. 

Location Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter where you are or where you train as your program is designed specifically for you and the equipment you have available.

Online Personal Training Results

before and after personal trainer bondi
before and after personal trainer bondi

I'll help you stay on track and keep you motivated!

  • Accountability tracking
  • Daily communication
  • Nutrition Accountability
  • Technique analysis through the app
  • Constant contact with Brad through the training app
  • Closed Facebook group for clients only

Take advantage of my 19 years’ of strength training programming experience and let me do all the thinking for you when it comes to putting together an effective training program.


$40 per week Training program, nutritional plan, accountability, training app and constant feed back via app, text,social media, PLUS a 15-20 min accountability phone call every week to answer any questions and go over any in depth issues.

Cancel anytime

* individual results may vary.  Time frames are no guarantee.  Compliance and consistency is a must!

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