Sprinting Versus Running

The following is a study that looked at sprint training and endurance running that produced remarkable results thats worth discussing. 

The sprint group performed 0.75 hours of actual sprinting over 6 weeks and lost 12.4% bodyfat. The endurance running group spent 13.5 hours of actual running over 6 weeks and lost 5.8% body fat. Thats 18 times more effort. Extraordinary!!

The sprint group did 30s maximal effort sprints on a treadmill set in dynamic mode meaning the subject was the power source of the belt. They had 4 mins rest between sets and the number of bouts increased from four (first 2 wk) to five (weeks 3 and 4) and to six (last 2 wk of training). They did this 3 times per week

The endurance group performed 30 to 60 min of continuous running at a speed designed to elicit 65% V ̇O2max on a treadmill (Desmo Pro; WoodwayÒ). The training progressed from 30 min in weeks 1 and 2 to 45 min during weeks 3 and 4 and 60 min during weeks 5 and 6. They did this 3 times per week

Interesting note : the fat loss in the sprint group only happened in men. Whereas the fat loss in the endurance group happened in both women and men. There was however only 4 women per group.

So here’s here’s the thing : Sprinting is really, really hard, makes you feel sick and makes you sore. Plodding on the treadmill or cross trainer is comfortable. COMFORTABLE. Like strength coach Sebastian Oreb says “Comfortable is sitting on the couch with a beer in your hand” (minus a few expletives)

BUT, if your new to training and just starting out doing cardio, build your capacity through various aerobic activities slowly over time until your ready to try sprint training. And by sprint training i mean SPRINTING WITH YOUR FEET ON FLAT GROUND not on the bike or cross trainer.

Aerobic training works initially, but as can be witnessed in any gym in any part of the world – after a while with no change in stimulus – it does not.

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