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Strong & Lean Health and Fitness Assessment

health and fitness assessment



If you’re not assessing – you’re just guessing!

Everyone who comes to see me whether they become a Strong & Lean client or not starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  And it’s totally free.  The reason being in order to train you effectively I need to know as much about you as possible. In this 1 hour assessment you will learn and receive :

health and fitness assessment

Goal Setting

Success happens by design. Goal setting is often one aspect completely ignored by trainers. It’s funny though if you talk to successful people they all set goals and knew exactly where they should be at any given point in their chosen path to success. I believe so should you if you are going to be successful in weight loss, fat loss and strength development.

body fat pinch test

12 Site Body Fat Test

If you want to lose fat we need to know where you are and where you want to be. I use a 12 site test known as a 12 site fat test. The 12 site pinch test will let me determine your lean body mass and body fat percentage.  This will in turn allow me to suggest the proper ration of protein, carbohydrates and fat for your fitness goals.

health and fitness assessment

Flexibility / Range Of Motion Assessment

Learn what’s tight and what’s weak so you know what to stretch and what to strengthen.  A very simple example is if like most people you have tight calf muscles you may not be able to perform a full squat properly as the calf inhibits the ability of the knee to come forward. Simply mobilising the ankle joint can increase your depth and get you hitting those glutes and core properly.

health and fitness assessment

Lifestyle Assessment

Are lifestyle choices like lack of sleep inhibiting your goals? Lack of sleep has a big impact on your ability to absorb sugar, your food choices, your satiation levels, your energy, your mood, and is one of the simplest lifestyle changes you can make to accelerate results.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Assessment

The diet that works best for you is the diet you can stick to.  Everybody has a different need for protein, carbohydrates and fat based on their lean body mass so no two diets at strong and lean look the same.  These are as individual as you and your lifestyle.  I take into account training type, daily activity, sleep schedules, lean body mass amount, body fat percentage and personal preferences with food to try and build the best diet for you, that you can stick to.

health and fitness assessment

Blood Testing

Some people have been working too hard and eating poorly for extended periods of time and will not get the type of results they want unless they address those areas. Something as simple as a quick blood test from the GP mught give them the wake-up call that their health isn’t as optimal as it could be. Very simple things such as liver and kidney profile, vitamin d status, blood sugar levels and even hormone status can all be dramatically altered via a healthy lifestyle and will have you looking and feeling better than ever.

Strength Testing

Strength Testing

Strength training done poorly can injure you, so determing your current strength levels and assigning the proper exercises to your body type is kep to getting stronger safely. I ensure i assess you properly before I ever train you so I know where you are at.

health and fitness assessment


Let’s face it we all need a push from time to time so this is why I’m here.  Weekly accountability is the number one factor that determines you reaching your personal training goals.

Training Options

If you’re interested in training I will always start with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  This way you can hit the ground running, you can check out the gym, and together we can decide if personal training is right for you.

Small Group Training

Online Personal Training

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