Allan – Weightloss

I very strongly recommend Strong and Lean Australia. If you are looking to improve your overall health and work on your fitness in a supportive environment then Strong and Lean is a great place to be. The owner of the company, Brad Stocks, works very hard to ensure that all of his clients get personalized work outs, eating plans and suggestions, as well as outside of the gym help when you need it (I text Brad all the time to ask him if such and such is a good choice to eat – he always gets back to me within minutes no matter the time of day).

What’s great about Strong and Lean is that I always feel comfortable working out. Although I am by no means a gym rat, I’m treated with the same respect as those that have been working out for years. Brad trains all different people at all different fitness levels. I’ve never seen two people doing the same thing because Brad understands that different things work for different people.

I’m really happy that I met with Brad and decided to go with Strong and Lean Australia. I confidently recommend Brad’s expert training to anyone*

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