Brad’s teachings have been in my life. It’s easy to dismiss personal trainers as overpriced babysitters who just provide cookie cutter programs without actually thinking of the client as an individual, whereas I can say without question that Brad is the complete opposite. I first signed up with Brad in order to improve my strength and conditioning for schoolboy Rugby Union at the age of 15 due to his previous experience as the strength and conditioning coach for the Newtown Jets. I soon found however that his mindset towards training was far beyond that of optimizing performance for a particular sport but rather a holistic approach that touches on every aspect of yourself as a human being.

Brad was not only my trainer, but my first true mentor who would not only push me to become the best version of myself physically but also mentally as the aspects of determination and discipline so important when training for a given task are those built within the mind and not the body. In regards to results I ended up playing first grade for The Scots College playing alongside Australian Schoolboys and future Roosters alike and to this day is the closest I have ever come to being a professional sportsmen. Although school and rugby are behind me, my experiences that came as a direct result of Brad’s coaching led me to realise that Health and Fitness are an intrinsic part of my identity along with the characteristics of a stoic and educated young man. Although I may be an extreme example of Brad’s influence the takeaway from this testimonial is that Brad is a trainer who walks the walk and talks the talk. A trainer that can realise your goals whilst ensuring that the other important aspects of your life aren’t put aside or discredited. A trainer that will not only push your limits physically but impart knowledge that can be applied to your entire life. I consider myself extremely fortunate that lady luck decided to direct me to Brad and after a few sessions with him you’ll understand why*

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