Chris – Sports Specific

“I first started working with Brad about 18 months ago looking to increase my fitness, flexibility & strength predominantly for golf (handicap then 5) as this was my outlet from being a self employed trader & a part time student studying a Masters in Applied Finance.

It’s amazing to look back at what I have achieved during this time, my handicap went to scratch, a noticeable difference in my game was the extra distance I was achieving in driving. I found the specific exercises Brad worked on had a massive impact & my fitness had increased to a level where I was so much more alert during the round and not fatigued towards the final few holes.

I passed my Masters in Applied Finance & graduated after having never done an undergrad. I have had a successful year trading after being in some bad positions & it’s thanks to the dedication and continous effort from Brad that I was able to achieve all of this. – Chris*

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