Personal Training Testimonials

Real people. Real results.  Real Personal Training. We love what we do, it’s truly our passion. The only thing that makes us even happier is seeing and hearing about the amazing results our Sydney clients get from working with a personal trainer at our Bondi Junction gym. We love being around great people who are motivated to improve themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

Josh – Lost 10kg in 6 Weeks

personal trainer - Sydney -Josh – Lost 10kg in 6 Weeks,

The 6 week challenge was amazing experience . I was able to lose 10 kilos in 6 weeks and improve my strength and fitness. Being in my late thirties , it was time to take a honest look at myself. I was developing that middle age bulge and relaxed lazy attitude to my health . I wanted to get some of that strength and fitness back that I had a few years ago. Through Brads very clear program and guidance I am stoked that I achieved this goal .

Actually I feel as strong and fit as I have ever had. Brads knowledge and instruction made going to the gym for the first time a great time . Seeing all that gym equipment was daunting and confusing , but with Brad , he made it very easy to understand the exercises and enjoyable . I found learning about nutrition great and has helped me to continue to make healthy food and life choices.

Overall after six weeks of commitment to the program I feel and look a lot healthier . I am a much happier and confident person. I feel good!! And this is having direct influence in my work and social life. Can’t thank brad stocks enough*

Rob – Lost 8kg in 4 weeks

personal trainer - Sydney -Rob – Lost 8kg in 4 weeks

I approached Brad after a recommendation. I only had 4 weeks in Sydney to train, so I didn’t have the highest expectations. But wow!! I was blown away with the progress I made in that short time. Now I have much more energy and I’ve made changes that will stick with me.

The sessions were always challenging and specific to what I needed. Brad’s no nonsense approach Is what I needed to get my amazing results in such a short period of time but he was always there to answer any questions I had. I’m so glad I made the decision to train with him*

Jacqui – Lost 9kg & 10% Bodyfat

The only trainer I have ever listened to

Thankyou for persevering with me and believing in me even when I didn’t. Slowly but surely you have helped me get to a much better place in my life, make some much needed behavioural changes and for the first time in 10 years be ok with the way I look. I’m so happy to be able to say that. There’s still a way for me to go but now I believe I can do it.

Your dedication to your work, the fact that you always put your clients first and the fact that you practice what you preach sets you apart from other trainers. Your good advice from everything from diets to personal development and dating is always appreciated
Training with you is not just about the exercise, its about the commaradarie and the laughs too, which have often helped me make light of a crappy day.

Rena – Reverse Dieting

After 4 years struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food, Brad really taught me how to live a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

He is a genius.

Also one of the most genuinely giving and thoughtful coaches I have worked with. He actually gives a shit. With his holistic approach you can find yourself living with more vitality through all areas of your life*


personal trainer - Sydney -Charles

Brad’s teachings have been in my life. It’s easy to dismiss personal trainers as overpriced babysitters who just provide cookie cutter programs without actually thinking of the client as an individual, whereas I can say without question that Brad is the complete opposite. I first signed up with Brad in order to improve my strength and conditioning for schoolboy Rugby Union at the age of 15 due to his previous experience as the strength and conditioning coach for the Newtown Jets. I soon found however that his mindset towards training was far beyond that of optimizing performance for a particular sport but rather a holistic approach that touches on every aspect of yourself as a human being.

Brad was not only my trainer, but my first true mentor who would not only push me to become the best version of myself physically but also mentally as the aspects of determination and discipline so important when training for a given task are those built within the mind and not the body. In regards to results I ended up playing first grade for The Scots College playing alongside Australian Schoolboys and future Roosters alike and to this day is the closest I have ever come to being a professional sportsmen. Although school and rugby are behind me, my experiences that came as a direct result of Brad’s coaching led me to realise that Health and Fitness are an intrinsic part of my identity along with the characteristics of a stoic and educated young man. Although I may be an extreme example of Brad’s influence the takeaway from this testimonial is that Brad is a trainer who walks the walk and talks the talk. A trainer that can realise your goals whilst ensuring that the other important aspects of your life aren’t put aside or discredited. A trainer that will not only push your limits physically but impart knowledge that can be applied to your entire life. I consider myself extremely fortunate that lady luck decided to direct me to Brad and after a few sessions with him you’ll understand why*

Emma – Lost 13kg – Twice!

personal trainer - Sydney -Emma – Lost 13kg – Twice!

I’m so happy with the results i feel so much more positive and happy.
I have so much more confidence then before. Your a great trainer and I have enjoyed every session.
I haven’t been this weight for at least 10 yrs.
You have definately been a massive part of this process – Emma*

Steph – Strength Training For Females

personal trainer - Sydney -TESTIMONIALS personal trainer - Sydney - Provac - left-arrow personal trainer - Sydney - Provac - left-arrow Steph – Strength Training For Females

”I cant believe i was described as having good legs! To think that was once my biggest enemy is now an asset!

You really played a massive part in sculpting and moulding me not only physically but mentally. I actually like who i am today. When we first met i hated being in my own skin, thought i was fat, hopeless and unworthy.

I’m so happy that you introduced me to Olympic Lifting Bradley. I love it and love that you are my coach!” – Steph*

Robyn – Life

personal trainer - Sydney -Robyn – Life

I first started training with Brad for strength & conditioning coaching 4 years ago. I came back to him consistently when I developed a shoulder injury outside the gym. I had a few injuries that produced a mental struggle in my physically driven life, but Brad always worked around them and helped educate me on how I could still train, regardless of the barrier.

Brad has always been completely supportive of my personal health, wellness & movement journey. He has been a pillar of strength when I felt hopeless and steered me towards my goals when I was driven. He not only helped me with my shoulder injury, he also helped me with strengthening the mind, learning to accept where I was at and move forward to where I wanted to go. Above all, he helped me understand the importance of doing what you love to support your health goals. He was the only one that questioned my stress in effecting my progress and how it related to injuries, health concerns & lifestyle choices and the only one that gave me a push to get to the core of what was holding me back from moving forward. His guidance gears toward the healthy lifestyle choice as a continual journey made up of many factors and not a quick fix.

Backed up by physics & research, supported with an understanding of the human condition and years of experience in the health industry, personal training & personal development, Brad’s ‘no bullshit’, yet humble approach, is a recommended must if you want to get physically & mentally stronger, leaner, faster and better- no gimmicks, no fads & all in your best interests.

I always got results from Brad, no matter what the goal and he always helped me with what I needed most, even if I didn’t want to admit it was a priority in moving forward. I will always value Brad Stocks’ opinion because of how much he has helped me in the past. His professionalism & honesty has developed my utmost respect towards him and he has helped change my life for the better. #trainer4life

Chris – Sports Specific

personal trainer - Sydney -Chris – Sports Specific

“I first started working with Brad about 18 months ago looking to increase my fitness, flexibility & strength predominantly for golf (handicap then 5) as this was my outlet from being a self employed trader & a part time student studying a Masters in Applied Finance.

It’s amazing to look back at what I have achieved during this time, my handicap went to scratch, a noticeable difference in my game was the extra distance I was achieving in driving. I found the specific exercises Brad worked on had a massive impact & my fitness had increased to a level where I was so much more alert during the round and not fatigued towards the final few holes.

I passed my Masters in Applied Finance & graduated after having never done an undergrad. I have had a successful year trading after being in some bad positions & it’s thanks to the dedication and continous effort from Brad that I was able to achieve all of this. – Chris*


personal trainer - Sydney -James

I have been working with Brad for over 5 years, in an industry that is littered with wannabe personal trainers, not only have I found a professional with knowledge backed by experience, but someone who WILL achieve results. Brad has been there for me mentally, emotionally and physically, his techniques have made me stronger, leaner and have afforded me a better work life balance.
The Strong and Lean business model now means that ordinary people have access to extraordinary training at a very very reasonable price. Brad comes highly recommended without any reservations*

Allan – Weightloss

I very strongly recommend Strong and Lean Australia. If you are looking to improve your overall health and work on your fitness in a supportive environment then Strong and Lean is a great place to be. The owner of the company, Brad Stocks, works very hard to ensure that all of his clients get personalized work outs, eating plans and suggestions, as well as outside of the gym help when you need it (I text Brad all the time to ask him if such and such is a good choice to eat – he always gets back to me within minutes no matter the time of day).

What’s great about Strong and Lean is that I always feel comfortable working out. Although I am by no means a gym rat, I’m treated with the same respect as those that have been working out for years. Brad trains all different people at all different fitness levels. I’ve never seen two people doing the same thing because Brad understands that different things work for different people.

I’m really happy that I met with Brad and decided to go with Strong and Lean Australia. I confidently recommend Brad’s expert training to anyone*


personal trainer - Sydney - Charles

Brad Stocks is an all round excellent trainer. If you’re serious about your physical and mental health and wellbeing then work with Brad.

I’ve worked on and off with him for a number of years now, as work and travel have permitted. I’ve always felt supported and challenged. I’ve been happy with my results and I feel that they’re sustainable in to the future. I can’t recommend him highly enough*

Jeremy – Rehab

personal trainer - Sydney -Jeremy – Rehab,

HIghly Expert and Professional in His Field – In 4 weeks, Brad’s customised training had done more to resolve my chronic elbow and wrist pain than a year of on-and-off treatment from various physiotherapists and arm specialists! Before Brad, I had tried everything from drugs to physiotherapy and even arm slings, all to no lasting relief. After Brads training I am completely pain free. His understanding of all the subtle problems I had with my joints, nerves and muscles was critical to my recovery. If you are looking for the best of the best I highly recommend Brad! – Jeremy*

*Disclaimer : Individual Results may vary

Rob – Dropped body fat

personal trainer - Sydney -Rob – Dropped body fat

10% Body fat lost in 6 Weeks on the 6 week challenge.

Matt – 15cm off belly button in 6 weeks

personal trainer - Sydney -Matt – 15cm off belly button in 6 weeks,

“After being on the mailing list for newsletters from Strong and Lean, i decided enough was enough and signed up for the 6 Week Challenge.

After an extensive phone interview with Brad (i live in Melbourne and was doing the online training option) I started the challenge and was pleased to receive numerous phone calls and emails with advice, motivation and support throughout the 6 weeks.

I lost 6.4kg and reduction of 15cm from my belly button measurement and I’m amazed at my new found energy and my self esteem has sky rocketed.

I have not only lost weight but i have been fortunate enough to learn a lot about food, supplements and workout principles that sees me in a position to continue my weight loss journey and improve my health and well being.  I cant thank Brad enough”

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